Shipping & Returns


Shipping and Returns

While Hex Store is committed to selling only superior quality products, any instances where users may need to return or exchange something, the users must check their products thoroughly at the time of delivery before using and installing. The users must also keep a record of order receipt, given by us, and delivery receipt as proof of purchase. In this regard, products can only be exchanges and returned with proper evidence within 14 days of purchase date. To aid your decision, we strive to provide you with most accurate measurements and sizes of our products. In case of shortage, we may send an alternative product with same or better quality. If the customers are not satisfied with the replacement, they can either ask for immediate return or return/replacement within 14 days of receipt.

For returning a product, customers shall contact our 24/7 customer service center. A representative of the company will collect the product for free against getting an order number. We only accept returns that are in good condition and saleable. In case they are not, we reserve the right to reject their replacement or return unless the products possess a manufacturing fault, unless you had been informed of such defect and had accepted it. The products that are replaced or returned either possess a defect, or not in compliance with specifications application in Kuwait, or if this defect cannot be remedied without impacting the quality. This is because we prioritize product quality. In case they can be amended, we reserve the right to reject replacement or return request. Lastly, products can be returned or replaced if they are a counterfeit or fake. We also charge no extra fee for such replacements or returns and we might not accept such requests if the products were sold during special sales or promotions.


Shipping MethodEstimated ArrivalCost
PremiumSame Day (Before 1PM)2 KD
Standard2-3 Days1 KD
Basic4-7 DaysFree


Replacement Policy

The products sold through Hex Store will be replaced with new ones, if they cannot be repaired and are under the warranty period. However, if the damage was a result of user mistake, the product shall not be replaced but can be repaired on little charges at customer’s responsibility. In case of replace, if the same model is not available, the customer can select another model of same price of pay the difference and the same warranty shall continue for the new good.